E-waste Recycling Santa Clara

How We Help Businesses with E-Waste Recycling in Santa Clara:

Keep electronics out of the local landfill and do your part in maintaining the environment with our free e-waste recycling in Santa Clara. If you’re currently paying for recycling services, we can save you a significant amount of money when you call us for absolutely free pick-up and disposal of your electronics and e-waste.


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All too often, business managers fall prey to the myth that it’s too expensive to recycle- and they consume a great deal of space within their company’s facility to avoid having to pay for recycling services. It surprises most companies to learn that at Excess Logic, we offer this service at no cost whatsoever as a benefit to local business owners and as a means of keeping e-waste out of landfills. Call us at 650-307-7553 to schedule a pick-up and removal of your electronic waste.

The transfer of untreated e-waste into landfills is calamitous, particularly when you consider that free administrations exist to enable organizations to dispose of their overabundance of e-waste. While it’s assessed that 4 million tons of e-waste advance into our landfills on an annual basis, that number can be enormously reduced by our efforts, and all it takes is a simple phone call to get on our schedule.

Our efforts in e-waste recycling in Santa Clara and its surrounds have resulted in the general increase in numbers of electronics and equipment being kept out of area dump sites where electronics can spend the rest of their lifetime leaching toxins into the soil and water table. Our services are known throughout the region as the most convenient option in recycling- and we do much more than that. Our specialists can take a look at your out-dated equipment and let you know if some or all of it still holds a portion of its value. In the event that it can be remarketed, we’ll pick-up, warehouse, and sell your equipment, then share profits with your company.

We strive to keep Santa Clara clean and enjoyable to reside in- not only for our generation but for those to come. Our data sanitation and destruction methods are secure, so you won’t have to worry about your company’s sensitive materials falling into the wrong hands. We are extraordinarily outfitted with the WipeMasster machine that can delete information on drives in a single pass and we follow all guidelines set forth by the DoD. Our methods are authorized by the State of California and completely agreeable with the EPA controls.

Recycle responsibly by calling our team at 650-307-7553. You can also visit us online at ExcessLogic.com. You may note that we were formerly known as CleanBayArea. Our clients love fresh look and new company name, recognizing that we still offer the most respected solutions in e-waste recycling in Santa Clara and its surrounding cities.

E-waste Recycling Santa Clara

E-Waste Recycling Santa Clara

e-waste recycling santa clara                Excess Logic is an IT asset disposition company that provides e-waste recycling in Santa Clara. We work with factories, offices, government agencies, and local businesses with IT equipment, computers, and other electronic goods that need to be disposed of. When a company needs to upgrade its equipment, or when a company’s existing tech becomes obsolete or reaches the end of its life, something has to be done with …

6 Essential Tips for Your E-Waste Recycling In Santa Clara

6 Essential Tips for Your E-Waste Recycling In Santa Clara Electronic waste, simply referred to as e-waste by several people, is a major problem in many cities. The more people get access to electronic appliances, the more the amount of e-waste generated on a daily basis. Many cities have different approaches to addressing the problem but recycling is generally recognized as the best approach to handling e-waste. If you are considering e-waste recycling in Santa …

6 Important Things to Know About E-Waste Recycling In Santa Clara

e-waste recycling santa claraLike every other U.S. county, Santa Clara has its problem of e-waste management. As individuals and business use electronic gadgets in the homes and offices, e-waste is generated on a daily basis, and the county recognizes the need to recycle old gadgets appropriately.Failure to do this most efficiently means that the environment will continue to be degraded in different places around the globe. For individuals and businesses looking …

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