commercial cleaning Kelowna

commercial cleaning Kelowna

At Evergreen Commercial Cleaning, we offer well-rounded commercial cleaning in Kelowna to over 450 buildings in 23 different municipalities. EBM is a fully bonded and insured building maintenance agency with innovative solutions and environmentally friendly practices.

Our building maintenance services

With over three decades of experience, we specialize in offering numerous commercial cleaning services. Some of the maintenance services that we offer include:

  • Daily, weekly, and on-call commercial cleaning services
  • Floor stripping and waxing, steam extraction cleaning for carpets and upholstery
  • Professional window cleaning, garbage and recycling removal, and Horizontal surface dusting
  • Public washroom cleaning
  • Parking Lot Maintenance and litter picking

We also offer snow removal during winters and hot pressure washing services. We are also a highly sought-after business for post-construction clean-up, property restoration services, and sanitary products and supplies.

Do I need to hire a building maintenance service?

Building maintenance services are crucial for almost every business. A hygienic and clean environment is critical to safeguard your employees' health and help them work in high spirits. Unclean or disorganized office spaces can cause chaos, damage to costly equipment, loss of critical files and documentation, and can cause a whole array of illnesses and infections to the staff members and those who visit your building/office (clients/customers).

By hiring a licensed and experienced cleaning services provider, you can maintain a clean, hygienic, and professional workspace. Also, the cost of hiring, employing, and managing an in-house housekeeping team can be higher, causing significant financial burdens over time. As one of the leading providers for commercial cleaning in Kelowna, we offer comprehensive daily and weekly janitorial services.

Benefits of hiring commercial cleaning services

Since most Canadians spend a large portion of their day at their office/business place, hiring professional commercial cleaning service has become extremely important. Here are the benefits of contracting a professional cleaning team:

  1. Increased employee productivity

A fresh, clean, and hygienic workspace offer your employees a healthy place where they can focus on outperforming themselves each new day. A clean and safe workplace environment can improve productivity significantly.

  1. Fewer sick days

An unclean workplace becomes the breeding ground for harmful bacteria and viruses, leading to the quick spread of diseases and infections among those exposed to such an environment. By hiring commercial janitorial services, your employees are less likely to fall sick, which can reduce sick leaves and maximize productivity.

  1. Saves time and efforts

By outsourcing your organization's cleaning needs to a skilled janitorial services provider, you have more time at hand to focus on your business' core operations. You also do not have to spend time or resources hiring, managing, and supervising the housekeeping team.

With over 256 fully trained personnel, we at Evergreen Commercial Cleaning offer the best building maintenance services at affordable prices. For more details on our commercial cleaning in Kelowna, call 1 (888) 959-7304 today. We are a renowned member of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce, and we offer commercial maintenance services 24/7, 365 days a year.

commercial cleaning Kelowna

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commercial cleaning Kelowna

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